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Windshield ReplacementA chip/crack in a windshield or auto glass typically occurs when a small rock or other object nicks the glass upon impact. Damage caused by a pebble or other small object kicked up by a tire on the highway is usually minor and will not necessarily require immediate windshield replacement, while larger impacts (from fallen tree limbs, baseballs, ect.) can cause enough auto glass damage to require emergency auto glass service.

Whatever the case, RW Auto Glass knows that chips and nicks in auto glass is a hassle to car owners. While we understand that it is important to abide by state law (please read our article entitled “CRACKED WINDSHIELD IS VIOLATION OF ARIZONA LAW”), we also recognize that Arizona residents lead very busy lives and cannot always drop everything on the spot to go get their windshield fixed.

All we want is for you to be safe. That’s why we have provided below a list of different things to avoid when you find yourself with a chipped windshield and not enough time to repair it.

5 Things that Make Cracks in Windshields Worse

1 – Sun Exposure

Park your vehicle in the shade as much as possible. Heating a windshield too much (easily accomplished by Arizona’s sun) can cause windshield cracks and chips to spread.

2 – Extreme Temperatures

Us Arizonians love to use our car air conditioner, especially during the summertime when temperatures become scorching hot. Blasting the A/C can be a great thing for passenger comfort, but not so great for a damaged windshield. The contrasting temperatures inside and outside the car (cold air inside and hot air outside or the reverse) puts a lot of pressure on a car window and can often times be too much for it to bear. The pressure caused by contrasting temperatures can easily cause chips and cracks in auto glass to become worse.

3 – Moisture

Windshields are made up of three layers of glass (two layers of glass with a layer of vinyl in the middle). Even the tiniest of cracks can allow water—from rain or a car wash—to seep between the layers and become trapped. This water disrupts the structural integrity of the entire window which becomes exponentially worse when the trapped water is allowed to freeze. Water expands when it freezes, thus causing crack or chip in a windshield to become worse than before.

4 – Dirt

Dirt can become trapped between windshield layers just like moisture. Placing a small piece of clear tape over the crack can temporarily prevent dirt, pollen and other small particles from disrupting the structural integrity of the glass, but the repair should not be delayed for long periods of time. Waiting to repair damaged auto glass can risk further damage to the glass, thus making the glass repair job more costly than it needs to be.

5 – Road Bumps

Any kind of vibration (closing the car door, driving over speed bumps, and slamming on the brakes) can make an already compromised windshield to become worse.

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