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San Tan Valley Windshield Replacement

A & E Auto Glass and Advantage Auto Glass, LLC. are facing a federal lawsuit by GEICO under RICO statutes.

  • GEICO has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to insurance fraud
  • GEICO alleges A & E forged and falsified signatures on customer invoices to extract money
  • Thousands of fraudulent insurance claims were filed by Advantage Auto Glass, LLC.

RW Auto Glass has warned Arizonans about predatory auto glass companies for years

Unfortunately, A & E Auto Glass and Advantage Auto Glass, LLC. are canaries in the coal mine when it comes to predatory and fraudulent auto glass companies in Arizona. We have been warning the public against these type of acts because we care about Arizona residents and businesses.

GEICO is saying that A & E Auto Glass and Advantage Auto Glass, LLC. forged customers’ signatures on invoices for auto glass repairs never performed. They are also saying that these companies fabricated insurance documents from Arizona car dealerships for OEM glass consumables that were never used.

In court filings, GEICO claims “The defendants have stolen from GEICO through the submission of thousands of fraudulent insurance claims seeking reimbursement for: windshield replacement services, the installation of windshield parts, moldings, weather strips, sensors, etc….”

The federal lawsuit has been filed in Phoenix Arizona. If the defendants are found guilty they will have to pay GEICO up to $650,000. GEICO is saying there is not enough evidence that A & E Auto Glass and Advantage Auto Glass, LLC. performed any of the work they claimed to have done.

“Prior to 2018, Advantage historically submitted a small number of claims. By way of example, in 2017 Advantage submitted 274 claims seeking approximately $140,000 in payments. In 2016, Advantage submitted 132 claims seeking approximately $64,000 in payments. By contrast, in 2018, Advantage submitted 807 claims in seeking more than $537,000 in payments,” a portion of the complain reads.

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