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Right Windshield Auto Glass believes in ethical business practices. We are an Army Veteran and Arizona Patriot Auto Glass Shop who believes in doing the right thing. That is why we update Arizona on what is going on in the auto glass industry to keep residents from being defrauded by scam artists.In 2015, the Arizona Department of Insurance Fraud Unit in a sting operation arrested owner Donald Parra of “Precision 1 Auto Glass”. Mr. Parra was booked on several felony charges which include Identity Theft and Insurance Fraud.Mr. Parra was making fake insurance claims using different identities. Precision 1 Auto Glass was making false claims, acting as insured clients. RW Auto Glass is proud of the men and women in uniform doing their job.This should be a warning to unethical auto glass operators and technicians who submit fraudulent insurance claims. If you have a chip or cracked windshield and are being pressured to replace your windshield when the auto glass is salvageable – you are dealing with the wrong technician.

Warning Signs You May Be Getting Scammed!

  • The deal is too good to be true!
  • Unbelievable cash deal of $150-$400 to replace windshield
  • Convince you to replace windshield that can be repaired
  • Try to sell you non OEM glass
  • Promise lifetime warranty that does not make sense
  • Not preferred shop of Major Insurance Companies
  • Not preferred by Car Dealerships
  • Not preferred by Lynx Glass Service©