Auto Glass & Windshield Dictionary

A Comprehensive Dictionary

Right Windshield Auto Glass assembled this Glossary of Windshield and Auto Glass Terminology for those interested in what we do. Whether you are a car enthusiast, a professional in the auto glass industry, or simply curious about the various terms associated with windshields and auto glass, this glossary is here to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

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Acute area is a part of the windshield that is right in front of the driver’s eyes. It starts just above the steering wheel. It is about 8 1/2 inches tall and 11 inches wide. This area is very important for the driver to see clearly. Most auto glass shops and insurance companies in North America use this area as a standard for the driver’s critical vision.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems ADAS is a collection of cameras, sensors, control units and radars that collect DATA to improve adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking. These intelligent systems monitor the surroundings, providing real-time feedback and assistance.

Adhesion is when two things stick together. It’s like when glue sticks to paper or when tape sticks to a wall. Adhesives are special things that can stick to surfaces.

Adhesive failure happens when something that is stuck to another thing starts to come loose. It’s like when you pull off a piece of tape from a plastic surface. This can happen when the sticky part of the tape is not strong enough to stay stuck.

Adhesive is a special kind of substance that can stick things together. It works by attaching to the surface of different materials. In the context of replacing auto glass, a strong material called polyurethane is used as an adhesive, unless something else is specified.

Aerodynamics is a branch of physics that studies how things move through the air and other gases. It helps us understand how objects like airplanes and cars can move smoothly and efficiently.

Aging is when a sealant or adhesive changes over time. It happens because of the different chemicals and physical properties in the sealant or adhesive. These changes can affect how well the sealant or adhesive works.

Airbag is a special safety device in a car that helps protect people if there is a crash. It is like a big balloon that fills up with air really fast when there is a crash. The airbag is in the steering wheel for the driver and in the dashboard for the passenger. There are also airbags on the sides of the car. Some airbags use the windshield to help them work.

Air side pertains to the upper surface of the glass or the score side.

A&E Auto Glass is an auto glass company that GEICO filed a lawsuit against for insurance fraud. GEICO said they forged customers’ signatures and fabricated insurance documents.

Annealing is a special process that helps make glass stronger and less likely to break. After glass is made, it needs to be cooled down slowly in a controlled way. This is called annealing. By doing this, the glass becomes more durable and less brittle. It’s like giving the glass a special treatment to make it tougher and less likely to break easily.

A-pillar, also known as the windshield pillar or post, is an important part of a car. It is located on both sides of the front windshield and helps support the windshield and the front part of the roof. The A-pillar is like a strong pillar that holds up these parts of the car. It is an essential component that keeps the windshield in place and makes sure the roof stays sturdy.

Antenna Glass is a radio antenna built into the windshield or the back window. This means that instead of having a separate antenna sticking out of the car, it is hidden inside the glass. This helps the car look sleek and modern.

Anti-Lacerative Glass is a special kind of glass that has a layer called PVB added to the inside. This layer helps to protect people if there is a car accident. It stops them from getting hurt by the sharp edges of broken glass. So, if there is a collision, the glass won’t cut anyone. It keeps them safe.

ARG/AGR stands for Automotive Replacement Glass/Aftermarket Glass Replacement. It is an abbreviation used in the auto glass industry. Aftermarket auto glass refers to the glass that is used to replace the windows or windshields of cars after they get damaged. This glass is not made by the original car manufacturer, but by other companies that specialize in making replacement glass. These companies make sure that the glass they produce fits perfectly in different car models and meets all the safety standards. So, when a car’s window or windshield breaks, people can get it replaced with aftermarket glass to make their car look and function like new again.

Artificial intelligence cars are combine cutting-edge technology with unparalleled intelligence. With its advanced sensors and algorithms. Experience hands-free driving with adaptive cruise control to smart traffic management, it revolutionizes the way people travel.

Augmented reality is a new windshield technology that superimposes computer-generated images, sounds, or other sensory inputs onto the real-world environment, enhancing the user’s perception and interaction with the physical world.

Auto Glass refers to the glass that is found in an automotive vehicle (Sedan, SUV, Truck, Heavy Equipment, etc). This includes the windshield, side glass, back glass, laminated glass, windscreen, windows, lights inside and outside the vehicle, and the sunroof.

Auto glass repair is when you fix a crack or break in a car’s windshield or other glass part instead of getting a new one. It’s a permanent process that takes out the air from the break and fills it with a special resin that can harden. It’s just like fixing a windshield.

Auto glass scam Crafty scammers target unsuspecting drivers by offering free windshield replacements, only to bill insurance companies for inflated prices. They exploit the “zero deductible” policy, leaving you with skyrocketing premiums. Stay vigilant and protect yourself by learning how to spot an auto glass scam.


Back Glass refers to the rear window, located at the back of the vehicle. It is tempered glass, transparent and provides visibility and safety. Back glass allows the driver to see the road behind, aiding in parking, reversing, and overall situational awareness.

Back-lite  is a rear windshield made of a special kind of glass called tempered or laminated glass. Other cars, like ones with convertible tops, have windows made of plastic or tempered glass.

Bead is a special kind of glue that is used to stick things together. It can be applied in different ways, like a ribbon or a round drop. When you use a bead, it looks like a ribbon of glue instead of a round drop.

Belt molding is a special rubber strip that goes around the edges of a car door. It is located between the inside and outside parts of the door. This rubber strip helps to hold the window in place and allows it to move up and down. It is an important part of the car door that helps to keep the window secure and working properly.

Bite is the amount of adhesive, or resin, overlap between the pinchweld and windshield. The pinchweld is the metal frame around the windshield, and the adhesive is like a special glue that holds the windshield in place. When the windshield is installed, it’s important for the adhesive to overlap with the pinchweld. This helps to make sure the windshield is securely attached to the car. The amount of overlap is something that professionals who install windshields pay attention to. They want to make sure the windshield is safe and won’t come loose while driving.

B-pillar or post is an important part of a car. It connects the bottom part of the car, called the sills, to the top part, called the roof. This helps support the roof of the car. Some cars, called hardtops, don’t have these pillars. Instead, they have uninterrupted glass along the sides of the car.

Bullet-resistant is a special kind of glass that is made up of many layers of glass stuck together. It is made to stop bullets from going through it when people shoot at it with guns. It can stop bullets from small guns and even really powerful rifles.

Bull’s Eye Impact damage is when something hits laminated glass and leaves a clean, cone-shaped mark on the outside layer of the glass.

Butyl is a special kind of glue that was used in older cars to keep the glass in place. It is made from a type of oil and doesn’t need any time to dry or get hard. You can buy it in rolls that are about 15 feet long.

Butyl rubber is a special kind of rubber that is made by combining two different substances called isobutene and isoprene. It is often used as a sealant, which means it helps to keep things tightly closed. Butyl rubber is not very good at bouncing back to its original shape after being stretched, and it takes a long time to harden. However, it is very strong and can stretch a lot without breaking.


CMVSS Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards are a set of rules that the Canadian Government makes car companies follow. These rules say that cars have to be made a certain way to keep people safe. One of the rules is that only trained professionals can install or fix the glass in cars. Before a new car can be sold in the United States, it has to meet these standards. In the United States, they have similar rules called the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

Caulk is a special kind of material that is used to seal gaps or cracks in different things. It is like a glue that helps to keep things together and prevent any air or water from getting through. Caulk is not very flexible, which means it doesn’t move around easily. It is important to use caulk in places where we want to make sure nothing can pass through, like around windows or in the bathroom.

Caulking is a special material that is used to seal cracks and fill gaps in buildings. It is made from a strong compound that can be made of silicone, bitumen, or rubber. Caulking is used to prevent water from leaking into buildings and to make sure everything is waterproof. It is often used when replacing glass in commercial or residential buildings.

Chemical cure is a process where something is cured or made better by using a chemical reaction. This process often involves something called cross-linking, which means connecting different parts together.

China markers are special markers made of wax that are used to write or draw on glass. They are called China markers because they were first made in China a long time ago. These markers are different from regular markers because they are made of wax instead of ink. When you use a China marker, it leaves a smooth and colorful mark on the glass surface. These are very useful when you want to write or draw on glass. They can be used on windows, mirrors, or even on glass jars.

Chip impact damage is the name for a damaged windshield. Sometimes, when something hits the glass really hard, it can cause a chip or a piece of glass to come off. But even though there is a chip, there is no air trapped in the damaged area.

Chip Repair consists of repairing bullseye to star-shaped chips. RW Auto Glass uses professional (not retail) resin technology that works by filling the damaged area. After applying UV rays to the resin it hardens, preventing further cracks and restoring clarity.

Classic Car Value is important especially if you want to increase its’ value. By addressing any cracks, chips, or scratches on the windshield or windows, you preserve the vehicle’s originality and charm. A well-maintained glass not only improves the car’s aesthetics but also ensures safety and functionality. With a professional repair, potential buyers will be impressed by the attention to detail and the overall condition of the vehicle.

Close-cut or partial-cut installation is a way of putting glass into a car that keeps most of the old glue on the metal frame. Then, a little bit of new glue is added to hold the glass in place. However, some car makers don’t think this is a good idea.

Coated glass is a special type of glass that has a chemical film applied to one side. This film can make the glass do some cool things! It can give the glass privacy, which means people can’t see through it. It can also make the glass have a solar effect, which helps keep the sun’s heat out. And it can even make the glass act like a mirror!

Cohesion is a big word that means how well a sticky substance, like glue or tape, can stick to itself. It’s like when you put glue on a piece of paper and it stays together really well. That’s because the glue has good cohesion. It’s also important for things like tape or stickers to have good cohesion so they can stick to things and stay in place. So, cohesion is all about how strong and sticky a substance is on its own.

Combination break is when a windshield has more than two different types of breaks. This means that there are different kinds of cracks or chips in the windshield. It’s important to get these combination breaks fixed because they can make it hard to see out of the windshield and they can also get worse over time.

Compatibility refers to how well a sealant works with other sealants or materials. It’s important to know if they will react well together.

Compression pressure is the force that is applied to a sealant in a joint. This force helps to keep the sealant in place and make sure it does its job properly. It is important to apply the right amount of compression pressure to ensure that the sealant stays in place and does not leak.

Compress means to press something together or make it fit into a smaller space. It is like squishing or squeezing something so it takes up less room.

Contaminant is something that is in a break, like a liquid or solid. Before fixing the break, the contaminant needs to be taken out.

Coolant is a special liquid that is used to cool and lubricate glass when it is being cut or ground with a tool. It helps to prevent the glass from getting too hot or breaking while it is being worked on.

Corrosion is a chemical reaction that happens when air, moisture, or certain materials damage the surface of something. It is also known as oxidation. This process causes the surface of a solid to wear away.

Cowl panel is a cover that goes along the bottom of the glass and reaches the front of the firewall in a car. It covers up the drains and metal underneath, making it look nicer. To install things correctly, the cowl panel usually needs to be taken off.

Crack is a break in something, like a windshield. There are different kinds of cracks. A short crack is a crack that is 6 inches or less. A long crack is a crack that is more than 6 inches. An edge crack is a crack that goes to the edge of the windshield. A floating crack is a crack that doesn’t go to the edge. A stress crack is a crack that starts at the edge without being hit.

Cure time is the amount of time it takes for a chemical or material to dry or set. It depends on the temperature and humidity. Different materials and how thick they are applied can affect how long it takes to cure.

Curing agent is a special chemical that is added to a material called a polymer to make it harden or cure. When the curing agent is mixed with the polymer, it causes a reaction that changes the polymer from a liquid or soft material into a solid. This process is important because it helps the polymer become strong and durable. The curing agent is like a superhero that helps the polymer become tough and ready for use.

Curing is a special process that helps things dry and become hard. It takes some time for this process to happen. It is done in a professional way to make sure everything turns out just right.


Dam is a special thing that can be used for different reasons. First, it helps to hold glass in place while glue dries. Second, it stops the glue from going where it shouldn’t inside a car. Third, it looks nice and makes things look better. Fourth, it can also help to block out loud noises.

Damage means the same thing as break and crack. It is a word we use when something is not working properly or is broken. When something is damaged, it means that it is not in good condition and needs to be fixed. For example, if a toy is damaged, it might not be able to be played with anymore. Damage can happen to different things like toys, furniture, or even buildings. It is important to be careful and try to prevent damage from happening.

Dauber is a special tool that is used to apply primers and preps to metal and glass surfaces. It is made of cotton and can only be used once. The dauber helps to prepare the surfaces for bonding.

Debris more accurately “flying debris” (since we are talking about automobiles) is when rocks, gravel, and other objects that can cause windshield cracks and chips.

Decking is when you press the glass down onto some sticky stuff to make it stay in place. It’s like saying, I put the glass in the right spot on the pinchweld.

Delamination is when layers of something, like glass or paint, start to come apart. For example, when the glass in a windshield separates from the laminate, or when paint starts to peel off from the surface it was painted on. This can happen when the bond between the layers is not strong enough.

Ding is a word that people use when they talk about a little crack or chip in a car’s windshield. It’s like a small bump or mark that happens when something hits the windshield and makes a little hole. People use this word to describe the damage to the windshield.

Double Seal Units pertains to insulating glass or a special kind of glass that helps keep our homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. One important part of insulating glass is the double seal units. These units have two separate seals that help keep the glass sealed tightly. This is important because if the seals are not good, air can leak in or out of the glass, making our homes less comfortable. So, the double seal units make sure that the glass is sealed properly and helps us save energy.

Drop-Jaw Glass Pliers are special tools that are used for breaking glass. These pliers have two parts called jaws. The upper jaw is flat, while the lower jaw is humped. The flat upper jaw helps to hold the glass securely, while the humped lower jaw helps to break the glass. These pliers are very useful for people who work with glass and need to break it into smaller pieces.

Dry glazing is a way to keep glass in a frame using a special rubbery material called a gasket. This gasket is already made and can bounce back after being squished. It helps hold the glass in place without needing any liquid or glue.

Durometer is a special tool that is used to measure how hard or soft a sealant is. It has a blunt probe that is used to poke the sealant and give it a score from 0 to 100, which tells us how hard or soft it is.


Edge crack is a type of crack that can happen on a windshield. It is called an edge crack because it goes all the way to the edge of the windshield. This is not good because it can make the windshield weaker and more likely to break. It is important to get an edge crack fixed as soon as possible to keep the windshield strong and safe.

Elasticity is a special quality that some materials have. It means that when these materials are stretched or pulled, they can go back to their original shape. Imagine if you have a rubber band and you stretch it really far. Once you let go, the rubber band will bounce back to its original size. That’s because rubber bands are elastic. Other materials like springs or certain types of fabric can also be elastic. It’s like they have a special power to always go back to how they were before.

Electronic Vehicle is a mode of transportation powered by electricity instead of traditional fossil fuels. With zero tailpipe emissions, EVs use the current electrical grid, or solar panels, to help provide an eco-friendly and cleaner environment – this is what is being said… There is an EV revolution going on as they offer a smooth and quiet ride, while reducing our dependence on oil. From compact cars to SUVs, there is an EV for every lifestyle. With advancements in technology, EVs now have longer ranges and faster charging capabilities. Embrace the future of transportation with an electronic vehicle.

Elongation is a big word that means how much something can stretch or bend without breaking. When we talk about cured urethane, it means a special kind of material that can stretch and bend. Urethane needs to have the right amount of stretchiness to be able to move with our bodies and also be strong enough to support glass.

Emery is a special kind of material that is used to make glass smooth and shiny. It is made up of tiny grains and is very good at grinding and polishing glass.

Encapsulated glass is a special kind of glass that is made for cars. It has parts already put together with it, like moldings, fasteners, clips, or gaskets. There is also a pretty decoration around the edges of the glass. This decoration can also help guide things. The decoration is actually part of the glass and can only be taken off by cutting it.

Exposed-edge glass part is a piece of glass that doesn’t have anything covering its edge. It might still have something attached to the bottom, but the very edge of the glass is not protected.

Extrusion failure happens when a sealant is pushed out too much from where it should be. This can cause problems with the sealant and the joint it is supposed to be in.


Fast Cure Urethane is a special kind of glue that dries really quickly. The word “fast” means it dries faster than other glues, but how fast it dries depends on how hot or humid it is. It dries faster than regular glues.

Fake internet listings is a deceptive online advertisement that promotes a non-existent product or service. These listings aim to trick unsuspecting users into making purchases or providing personal information. With enticing descriptions and attractive visuals, they create an illusion of legitimacy. However, once engaged, users often encounter scams, counterfeit goods, or identity theft risks.

Fatigue failure is when a material breaks because it has been bent or stretched too many times. This happens when the material is repeatedly deformed quickly.

FMVSS Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards are a set of rules that the U.S. Government requires automobile manufacturers to follow. These rules make sure that all new cars and trucks sold in the United States are safe to drive. In Canada, they have similar rules called the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS). These standards help protect people when they are driving and make sure that vehicles are built to certain safety standards.

Filler strip is a special strip that is put into a rubber gasket after a piece of glass is put in. This strip helps to make sure the gasket is pressed tightly against the glass to create a seal and make it stay in place better. Some people also call this process “locking a bead” or “spline.”

Filler is a special ingredient that is added to a sealant or adhesive to make it better. It is a finely ground material that helps to change or improve certain things about the sealant or adhesive.

Flexing is a way to open a tight lock by moving the glass back and forth. This can be done using a special tool or by using our hands. It’s important to be careful and gentle when flexing the glass.

Floating crack is a type of crack that can appear on a windshield. It is called “floating” because it doesn’t reach the edge of the windshield. When we say “edge,” we mean the outer part of the windshield. So, a floating crack is a crack that stays in the middle of the windshield and doesn’t go all the way to the sides. It’s important to know about floating cracks because they can still be a problem for the windshield.

Flower petal effect is when the edges of a repair look like the petals of a flower. This happens because the material that holds the repair together is coming off from the outer layer.

Frit is a special painted band that goes around the edges of car windows. It helps to keep the glue that holds the window in place from getting damaged by the sun’s rays. This is important because if the glue gets damaged, the window could fall out of the car. So, the frit is like a shield that protects the glue and keeps the window safe.

Full Strip Installation pertains to a technician who takes out the old adhesive from the vehicle frame. They leave a little bit of the old adhesive, about 1-2 mm. Then, the technician puts new adhesive on top and places the glass into the fresh adhesive.


Gasket is a special rubber seal that helps keep a piece of glass in place on a car. It comes in different sizes and shapes depending on how the car is designed.

Green strength is a term that some adhesive manufacturers use to talk about how strong an adhesive is when it is first applied. It is important because it tells us how well the adhesive will hold things together right away.

Gun-Grade Sealant is a special kind of sealant that can be used with a manual caulking gun. A caulking gun is a tool that helps us apply sealant to different surfaces. The Gun-Grade Sealant is made in a way that it can easily fit into the caulking gun and be squeezed out smoothly.


Half moon damage on a windshield is when there is a half-circle separation around the spot where something hit it. It looks like a bull’s eye.

Hand seamer is a tool that people use to join or connect the edges of glass and plastic materials. It helps to make sure that the pieces fit together nicely and stay in place. This tool is used by professionals who work with glass and plastic to create different things.

Headliner is a special fabric that covers the roof inside a car or other vehicle. It helps to make the inside of the vehicle look nice and also has some important functions.

Heat strengthened glass is a type of glass that is made by heating regular glass and then cooling it down slowly. It is similar to tempered glass, but the cooling process is a little different. Heat strengthened glass is made to be stronger and more durable than regular glass.

Heated Urethane is a special kind of glue that needs to be warmed up before it can be used. When it’s heated, it dries faster, which means that cars can be fixed and released more quickly. This glue is very helpful in car repairs.”

High modulus is a fancy term that means something is very strong and rigid. It is a requirement for a special kind of glue that has already dried and hardened. This high modulus glue is extra strong and can resist twisting and turning. It helps things stay in place and not break easily.

Hot Melt Butyl is a special kind of glue that is used to seal the edges of glass in windows and doors. It is used when the glass is being made in a factory. This glue helps to keep the glass insulated, which means it helps to keep the heat or cold from getting inside. It is a very important part of making windows and doors because it helps to make them energy efficient.


Impact pertains to when something hits a windshield. This is the most common way that windshields break.

Impact resistance is a way to measure how much force is needed to break something. It helps us understand how strong or durable an object is.

Impact site is a spot on the outside layer of glass where something, like a stone, hit it. Usually, a small piece of glass is missing from that spot.

Infrared Coating or IR coating is a thin layer of mixed oxides (tin oxide to be exact) layered over the windshield and auto glass to act as a radiant barrier, or reflective UV ray barrier.


Lami is another word for laminated glass. Laminated glass is a special type of glass that is made by putting two or more layers of glass together with a layer of plastic in between. This makes the glass very strong and safe. When we say “Lami,” we are just using a shorter word to talk about this special kind of glass.

Laminated vinyl inner layer is a thin piece of vinyl, or laminate, between the glass. This vinyl layer helps to make the glass stronger and safer. It is like having a sandwich with two pieces of bread and some cheese in the middle. The vinyl layer acts like the cheese, holding the two pieces of glass together. This makes the glass less likely to break into sharp pieces if it gets hit or cracked. So, when we say “laminate vinyl inner layer of laminated glass,” we are talking about adding this special vinyl layer to make the glass stronger and safer.

Laminated glass is a special kind of glass that is very safe. It has a layer of plastic in between two layers of glass. This makes it very strong and hard to break. Laminated glass is mostly used for windshields in cars. It helps protect people inside the car if there is an accident.

Lap joint is a way to connect two things together. It is when one part overlaps the other part, and then a special glue or sealant is used to hold them together. This type of joint is very strong because the glue or sealant is placed in a way that it can withstand a lot of force.

Lap shear strength is a measure of how strong two things are when they are stuck together with glue. It is called lap shear strength because the things being tested are joined together in a special way called a lap joint. To test the strength, the things are pulled apart in a sideways motion. The lap shear strength tells us how much force it takes to make the glue fail and the things come apart.

Leg short cracks are small sounds that come from a broken object. These cracks can happen when something breaks into pieces. It’s like when you drop a glass and it shatters into many little pieces. The sound you hear when it breaks is called a crack. Legs Short cracks are just like that, but they are smaller and not as loud. They can happen when things like toys or dishes break. So, if you ever hear a Legs Short crack, it means something is broken.

Light transmittance refers to the amount of light that can go through glass. It is measured as a percentage, which tells us how much of the visible light can pass through the glass.

Lite is a fancy word for a piece of glass that is used in windows or other things made of glass. It is a term that professionals use to talk about glass.

Load distribution refers to how weight or mass is spread out in a certain area. It is important to place weight or mass in a way that is balanced and evenly distributed. This helps to make sure that things stay stable and don’t tip over.

Long crack is a big crack on a windshield that is longer than 6 inches or about 15.24 centimeters. It is important to know about this because it can be dangerous for the windshield. When a crack is too long, it can make it hard for the driver to see clearly through the windshield. This can be a problem because the driver needs to see clearly to drive safely. So, if you see a long crack on a windshield, it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Lucid Motors built a $674 million dollar factory in Casa Grande. It is a cutting-edge electric vehicle manufacturer and is Tesla’s biggest rival and competitor.


Mobile unit is a special vehicle that is used to fix broken car windows. It is usually a van or a light truck that is filled with tools and equipment needed for the repairs. The person driving the mobile unit will come to your house or your workplace to fix the window. They will do all the repairs right from their vehicle.

Modulus is a fancy word that describes the relationship between strength and stress. It helps us understand how strong something is compared to how much pressure it can handle. It’s like a math equation that tells us if something can handle a lot of force or not.


Neoprene is a special kind of rubber that is made in a lab. It is very similar to natural rubber but it doesn’t need a chemical called sulphur to make it strong. Neoprene is really good at staying strong in all kinds of weather, whether it’s hot or cold. It can also stay strong even when it’s exposed to sunlight.


OEM is short for “original equipment manufacturer.” This term is used to describe a company that makes products or parts that are used in other companies’ products. For example, if a company makes car parts and sells them to a car manufacturer, they would be considered an OEM. The term is often used in the business world to talk about companies that make things for other companies.

One-Part Urethane is a special glue used to replace auto glass. This glue is different because it only has one part, which means you don’t need to mix anything together before using it. It is a very important adhesive that helps keep the new glass in place.

Opacifier is a special material that can be either a thin sheet or a liquid. It is used to cover the back of a piece of glass to block out light. This helps to make the glass less transparent and more like a shield against light.

Open-celled foam is a special kind of foam that has tiny holes in it. These holes are called open cells. The open cells in the foam allow air to pass through it. This is helpful because it helps glue or adhesive to dry and stick better.

Open time is the amount of time between when we put glue on something and when it dries and becomes hard. It’s important to know how long the glue will stay sticky so we can use it properly.


Panoramic auto glass the ultimate solution for crystal-clear views on the road. This new windshield technology provides a panoramic view of outside without distorted vision. This makes it a safer driving experience.

Passive restraint system is a special way to keep people safe in a car without them having to do anything. It includes things like seat belts that automatically tighten and airbags that inflate to protect you in case of an accident. These systems are designed to keep you safe without you having to remember to buckle up or do anything else.

PPE Personal Protective Equipment is special gear that an auto glass repair technician wears to stay safe. It includes nitrile gloves, safety/U-V glasses, a dust and mist mask with two straps, a first aid kit, and any other equipment that the company says they need to wear.

PIB Poly-Isobutylene Tape, is a special kind of tape that is used to create a seal in a type of window called a dual seal insulating glass unit. This tape is very important because it helps to keep the window sealed tightly, which means that air and water cannot get inside. The tape is made from a material called poly-isobutylene, which is a type of rubber. It is very sticky and can easily stick to the glass and other parts of the window. When the tape is applied to the window, it forms a strong seal that helps to keep the window insulated and protected. This is important because it helps to keep the inside of a building warm in the winter and cool in the summer. So, PIB tape is a special tape that is used to seal windows and keep them protected from the outside elements.

Pinchweld is a special kind of metal weld joint. It is used in the auto glass industry to help hold the glass in place on a vehicle. The pinchweld is a part of the vehicle frame where the glass sticks to.

Pit is a spot on a piece of glass where a small piece is missing. It is usually caused by something hitting the glass really hard.

Plasticizer is a special material that helps make a sealant or adhesive soft and flexible. It does this by using a solvent to break down the sealant or adhesive and make it easier to work with.

Plate glass is a type of flat glass that has been carefully made to be very smooth and clear. It is made by grinding and polishing the surface until it is free of any distortions. However, not many plate glass is made anymore because a new process called float glass was invented. Float glass is a better way to make flat glass, so plate glass is not used as much.

Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB) is a special type of material that is used as the inner layer of laminated glass. Laminated glass is a type of glass that is made by sandwiching a layer of PVB between two layers of regular glass. This special layer of PVB helps to make the glass stronger and safer. When glass breaks, it can be very dangerous because it can shatter into sharp pieces. But with laminated glass, the PVB layer holds the broken pieces together, preventing them from flying around and causing harm. This makes laminated glass a great choice for windows and windshields in cars, buildings, and even airplanes. The PVB layer also helps to make the glass stronger. It acts like a glue, bonding the layers of glass together. This makes the glass more resistant to breaking and cracking. So, if something hits the glass really hard, it is less likely to break into pieces. Another great thing about PVB is that it is transparent, which means you can still see through the glass clearly. This is important for windows and windshields because we need to be able to see what’s outside. The PVB layer doesn’t affect our view at all.

Prep is a special cleaner or product that helps make something sticky stick better. It is usually used on glass before another special paint called primer is applied.

Pressure sensitive adhesive is a special kind of glue that stays sticky even after the liquid part dries up. This means that you can stick things together just by using your hands and pressing them together. It’s a very useful type of adhesive that can be used for many different things.

Primer is a special kind of paint or chemical that is used before painting or sticking things together. It helps the paint or adhesive stick better and makes it last longer. It also makes the surface look better. For example, when we want to paint a wall, we first apply a primer to make the paint stick well and look nice. Similarly, when we want to stick glass to metal, we use a primer to make sure it sticks really well.

Primerless Urethane is a special kind of glue that can stick things together. It is called “primerless” because it doesn’t need any special stuff called primer to work on glass. However, if you want to use it on metal, you might need to use a primer first. Primerless Urethane is very useful and can help things stay stuck together.

Pump gun is a special tool that helps people pump sealants and adhesives. It is used by professionals to make sure that these substances are applied smoothly and evenly. The pump gun works by using a pump mechanism to push the sealant or adhesive out of a tube. This makes it easier for people to apply these substances to different surfaces.


Quarter glass rear side windows are windows in a vehicle that are located towards the back of the car, on the sides. Quarter glass rear side windows are an important part of a vehicle’s safety and design.


Regulator is a special device that helps to move a car’s window up and down. It can be operated by hand or by using power. The regulator makes it easy for us to open or close the windows in our cars.

Resin is a special kind of material that is solid and cannot dissolve in water. It doesn’t form crystals easily. Resin is used to fix chips and cracks in car windows. It is made to match the glass perfectly.

Reveal molding is a special kind of molding that is used to cover and protect the edges of the windshield and back glass of a car. It can be made of either chrome or plastic material. The purpose of reveal molding is to give a finished and polished look to the car’s windows. It is like a fancy frame that goes around the glass. Reveal molding is important because it helps to keep the glass in place and prevents it from getting damaged. It also adds a touch of style to the car’s overall appearance.

Roll bar is a special hoop made of strong steel that is put in a car behind the driver’s seat. It goes up above the driver’s head and stretches across the car. The roll bar is there to keep the driver safe if the car flips over. It helps to protect the driver from getting hurt.

Roll cage is a special structure made of strong steel tubes that is built inside some racing cars. It has bars that go along the doors, windshield header, roof rails, and other parts of the car. The purpose of the roll cage is to keep the driver safe in case the car rolls over, gets hit by another car, or crashes. It provides extra protection to the driver during these accidents.

RV Glass or recreational vehicle auto glass refers to the specialized glass used in RVs, motorhomes, and campers. Invented by Raymond C. Frank, RV glass is designed to withstand the unique demands of the road, this glass is durable, shatter-resistant, and provides optimal visibility for safe travels.


Safety glass is a special kind of glass that is made to keep us safe. There are two types of safety glass: laminated glass and tempered glass. Laminated safety glass is the only kind that can be called laminated safety glass.

Senate Bill 1169 alters full coverage of auto insurers by asking customer to pay an extra deductible for auto glass replacement. This legislation push is because of what Republican Sen. Karen Fann calls auto glass company scams taking advantage of insurance companies offering a ridiculous amount of money to replace a windshield.

Score is a term used to describe a “cut” on the surface of a glass or mirror. It is made using a special tool called a glass cutter.

SDAT and MDAT are acronyms that stand for Safe Drive Away Time and Minimum Drive Away Time. They are used in the car industry to talk about how long it takes for the glue holding the windshield in place to dry. The industry wants to start using MDAT instead of SDAT. To reach MDAT, the glue needs to be strong enough to keep the windshield in place when there are strong forces on it. There are some rules called Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards that say how strong the glue needs to be. These rules are called Passive Restraint Systems and Windshield Retention. If you have any questions about these terms or if you think there are other terms we should explain, please let us know.

Sealant is a special material that is used to close up gaps or holes so that things like water, air, dirt, or gases cannot get through. It is like a barrier that keeps unwanted things out.

Sealer is a special coating that is used to fill in cracks, holes, or empty spaces on a surface. It helps to make the surface smooth and even.

Setting block is a little thing made of special material that helps hold glass in a frame or opening. It’s like a special part in a car that keeps the glass in place.

Shaded Glass is a special kind of glass that has a dark color added to it. This dark color is put on the top part of the glass, which is called the inner vinyl layer. The purpose of adding this dark color is to help drivers see better when there is a lot of bright light, like from the sun. The color of the glass gets lighter as it goes down. This special glass is used in cars to make driving safer and more comfortable for the driver.

Short crack on a windshield is a small break in the glass that is 6 inches or less. It is important to get it fixed because it can get bigger and cause more damage.

Side and Back Glass pertains to the 1950s, when a special kind of glass called tempered glass became required for the side and back windows of cars. This glass is also known as “lite” and is considered safety glass. When it gets hit, it breaks into small, round pieces instead of big, dangerous ones. The windshield glass is different and is called laminated glass. It can be fixed if it gets damaged, but the side and back glass have to be replaced. Even though tempered glass is harder to break, laminated glass is mandatory in the United States and Canada because tempered glass can explode if it gets hit really hard. However, if a car rolls over after an accident and someone is trapped inside, tempered glass is easier to cut through. That’s why it is used for the side and back windows.

Side-Lite passenger car side windows are made of a special type of glass called tempered glass. This glass is different from the windshield glass, which is called laminated glass.

Skinned Over is a term used to describe a very thin layer of semi-cured adhesive that forms on the surface of curing adhesive. It is like a protective layer that develops as the adhesive dries and hardens. This skinned over layer helps to keep the adhesive underneath safe and secure. It is important to handle the adhesive carefully while it is curing to avoid damaging this delicate skin.

Star break is when something hits a windshield and makes cracks that spread out from the middle. These cracks can be different sizes.

Statute 28-957.01 is an Arizona statute, or law, that makes it against the law to drive with a cracked windshield that obstructs the drivers view.

Stone chip is a small crack or break on the outside of a special kind of windshield called a laminated windshield. There are different types of stone chips, like star breaks, bullseyes, or combination chips. These chips can happen when a small stone or rock hits the windshield while driving. It’s important to get these chips fixed quickly so they don’t turn into bigger cracks.

Straight-Jaw Glass Pliers are a special tool used to handle glass. These pliers have two parts that look exactly the same – one on the top and one on the bottom. They are designed to hold onto glass securely and make it easier to work with. These pliers are very useful for people who work with glass, like artists or craftsmen. They help them hold the glass in place while they create beautiful things.

Stress cracks are cracks that happen when something unusual puts pressure on glass. These cracks can happen when the glass is being made or when it is being used. They can be caused by things like extreme temperatures or strong winds. Stress cracks can make the glass weaker and more likely to break. It’s important to be careful with glass to avoid stress cracks.


Tempered glass is a special kind of glass that is very strong and hard to break. It is made to keep people safe. If it does break, it breaks into tiny pieces instead of big sharp ones.

Tinted glass is a special kind of glass that has a little bit of color added to it. The color is mixed into the glass very well, so it looks the same all the way through. This kind of glass is made in a special way called batch tinting. Batch tinting helps to reduce glare, which is when the sun’s bright light reflects off the glass and hurts our eyes. It also helps to absorb heat, which means it can make a room cooler on a hot day.

Tucking is when you put the glass in a car without taking off a part called the cowl panel. This can be dangerous because it can move the glue that holds the glass in place. People sometimes do this to save time, but it’s not safe.

Twist or twisted is when a crack can happen in a windshield when the windshield bends in the frame of the car or if it is not put on properly. Sometimes, if there is a small chip on the edge of the windshield, it can make the crack worse.


Unibody construction is a special way of building cars. It makes the whole car strong, not just the frame.

UV Ultra violet light is a type of light that is part of the light spectrum. It can cause changes in rubbery materials and polymers.

Urethane is a special kind of glue that is really strong. It is used to put in car windows. The government says that cars need to have strong glue to keep the windshield in place. That’s why urethane is important for new cars.

Urethane Breakdown happens when urethane is exposed to a special kind of light called ultra-violet light. When this happens, the urethane starts to break down and turns into a powdery substance that looks like black chalk. This usually happens on the surface of a sticky substance called adhesive that has become hard.


Vent Glass is a specialized type of car window that can be partially opened to allow fresh air into the vehicle while driving. Its primary purpose is to provide ventilation and improve air circulation inside the car – this is to enhance the comfort of passengers. This gives the people in the vehicle a refreshing breeze without fully opening the window, reducing wind noise and maintaining a controlled interior temperature.


Warning signs of scam Promises of quick and easy money, requests for upfront payment or personal information, unsolicited emails or calls, poor grammar and spelling in communications, and pressure to act immediately.

Window tinting is a popular automotive enhancement that involves applying a thin film to the windows of a vehicle. This film helps to reduce the amount of sunlight and heat that enters the car, providing a cooler and more comfortable interior. Additionally, window tinting offers privacy by reducing visibility from the outside. It also blocks harmful UV rays, protecting the car’s interior from fading and the occupants from potential skin damage.

Window tinting benefits when applied correctly (please consult RW Auto Glass) helps increas privacy, reduces glare and protects against harmful UV rays.

Windshield is a large piece of laminated glass to protect people from wind and debris. Before 1919, they were hand cut glass. Laminated glass windshields can be repaired if they get damaged. Other windows in cars are made from tempered glass, which breaks into tiny pieces if something hits it. If a windshield is cracked or damaged, it can make the car less safe.

Windshield repair is when you fix a crack or break in a car’s windshield instead of getting a new one. It is a permanent process that takes out the air from the crack and fills it with a special resin that can harden. This makes the crack disappear and the windshield look good as new.

Windshield technology started as simple sheet of glass and now has incorporated advanced features like UV protection, rain-sensing wipers, and even heads-up displays with sself-healing capabilities and augmented reality integration on the horizon.

Wired glass is a special type of glass that is made by putting a net made of metal wires into hot, melted glass. This happens right before the glass is rolled into its final shape. The metal wires help make the glass stronger and more resistant to breaking.