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Rust Windshield Rust Repair

Before – Rust Windshield Rust Repair

Have you seen the big banner that says “FREE WINDSHIELD CHIP REPAIR”? Yep, these type of banners are all over the place – or the advertisement that says “$200-$400 TO REPLACE YOUR WINDSHIELD”?

These scams unfortunately are being committed across Arizona and on the internet and the end result is it is costing the insurer big money. Learn how to spot the scam here.

Car insurance companies have insurers pay a premium and monthly bill for a reason. Because the end result is the insurer, aka the driver, YOU are the one footing the bill for the scam artist advertising “FREE WINDSHIELD CHIP REPAIR” or “$200-$400 TO REPLACE OUR WINDSHIELD”.

Here is how the Auto Glass scam is played! A driver pulls into a gas station, car wash or auto repair shop and is approached by an “auto glass technician” who says, “I can fix that chip on your windshield for free”.

The driver decides to take advantage of the opportunity to fix the chip in the windshield before it turns into a crack and they get pulled over and pay a ticket for violating Arizona law. However, the “auto glass technician” isn’t just repairing the chip in the windshield… He is making a whole lot of money committing insurance fraud and the driver is the one paying for it.

How is the driver affected? The scammer who just fixed the drivers windshield turns a bill into their insurance company saying they REPLACED the insurers windshield not just FIXED the windshield. This can not be traced back to the scammer so the insurance company pays the bill and then turns the cost over to the driver.

That means the driver now has a larger premium and will have to pay more each month.

Larger premium and higher monthly bills because the scam isn’t finished just yet! Insurance companies have an arrangement with glass repair shops depending on where they are located.

RW Auto Glass serves San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, Casa Grande and surrounding Phoenix Metropolitan areas. We have an agreement with insurance companies based on those locations. That is why we are preferred affiliate for major insurance companies, Safelite auto glass and Lynx services – because we are ethical and honest.

Insurance Companies pay less to auto glass companies located in metropolitan areas because of higher volume/demand. Those who live in rural areas they pay more because of less volume/demand.

Scammers will open an office located in a rural area and work in a metro area. These auto glass scammers will then bill insurance companies large amounts of money jacking up the price for the driver which results in larger premium and monthly bills.

Don’t get scammed and call RW Auto Glass at 602-533-0286 or 602-541-0540. We are the premier auto glass company of Arizona.