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Windshield Replacement
In Arizona, because of the high percentage of auto glass companies offering an outrageous amount of money to replace a windshield, there is a rise of auto glass insurance fraudsters filing bogus claims and stealing the identity of insurers.

That is why RW Auto Glass feels it necessary to help inform potential customers of these auto glass scams so that they do not get caught up in the fraud game.

Beware of people who falsely advertise $150-$400 cash rebate to replace your windshield. Many of these auto glass companies are submitting high priced claims to insurance companies. While the windshield replacement technician gets tons of money by committing insurance fraud, the insurers gets stuck with higher premiums and could possibly land both the windshield scammer and insurer in jail.

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Beware of Scams

Offering Insane Amount of Cash! It is ethical to offer incentives to do business in Arizona. However, when auto glass companies offer cash incentives are up in the $200-$400 range to replace a windshield… you are more than likely being scammed.

Many auto glass shops know the price range insurance companies are willing to pay for a new windshield, chip, crack or some type of windshield repair – it is best to remember that when a deal is too good to be true… it probably is! And more than likely a scam or fraud.

Technicians Charge Insurance Multiple Times Check out our article “A Warning to Arizona Auto Glass Industry Fraudsters” where we cite Donald Parra of Precision 1 Auto Glass being arrested because he stole the identity of insurers and then filed multiple claims using fictitious names in order to line his pockets.

If you have a feeling an auto glass repairman is filing multiple claims to your insurance company, be sure to request all paperwork the technician is submitting. Also, double and triple check your insurance company.

Poorly Trained With History Auto Glass Companies You can tell whether or not someone is a scammer or not is by requesting a history of their company and their credentials. If they are in a gas station parking lot with a windex bottle and paper towels trying to convince you that a small bug stain on your windshield is a chip that could grow into a shattered windshield…. run away!

Crooked Unkept Body Shops and Technicians
If you arrive at a body shop that looks unkept, dirty and run down… and you have a gut feeling that something is wrong… you are probably right. Now, that is not to say all body shops are doing unethical business. Many are doing good business… but if you have a feeling something isn’t right… you may be right.

Many of the auto glass shops that due high volume business are usually swindlers who only make profit from high-volume business by providing cheap glass with costly mark-ups. These people are the same ones that use aggressive salesmanship to replace your windshield instead of repair it because they can inflate the windshield repair bill and offer the insurer $150-$400 cash rebates.

RW Auto Glass does business in an ethical manner and believe in total customer satisfaction. We are also trusted by US Border Patrol, Glenn Jones Ford Dealership and Henry Brown Car Dealership in Casa Grande Arizona.

Don’t break the law over a quick fix. RW Auto Glass of Arizona will fix or replace your shattered windshield Call 602-533-0286 or 602-541-0540 so that you comply with Arizona law.