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The Future of Windshield Technology

You might know about this latest advancement in windscreen tech because it is already being implemented into your smart phone. While this technology is likely still being developed, other smart windshield technologies are already in the field. For the future, engineers expect that these types of smartglass windshields will become even more intelligent.

Windshields with Projected Displays and Dimmers

Drivers could benefit from having an automatic-dimming technology that is incorporated into their windshields in the future. This new technology allows drivers to dim certain areas of the windshield in order to avoid blinding glare when driving. A modern cars windshield can also feature dedicated viewing areas for a heads-up display, as well as technologies related to auto wipers or auto-dimming high-beams. Some vehicles feature very large windshields, and others go as far as incorporating an entire glass sunroof.
Many vehicles have already made use of projectable displays in their windshields, but manufacturers are taking this technology one step further. Vehicle manufacturers are acknowledging the need for a more advanced windshield, and taking steps to deploy new technologies. Modern glass uses new materials, electronics, and sensors, replacing traditional, primitive methods of replacing windshields. Gorilla Glass is used in automobile windshields, and has taken the auto industry by storm. Its display is three times more clear and vibrant than normal windshield glass. This special glass works just like a heated rear windshield, but there is no black lines, which are normally seen. The future auto glass transparency technology can change filters so it can bring in or block out light. For example, the glass on your windshield will automatically get darker when light gets brighter outside your vehicle.

Windshields with Auto-Heating & Rain Cleaning Feature

If you can see a network of lines through the glass, then the windshield has an auto-heating feature. With a heated windshield, you will be able to eliminate the fog or condensation from the glass in the windshield right after starting the vehicle, which will provide you with clear vision and an enjoyable ride.Maybe windshield wipers will be obsolete in the future? By applying high-frequency sound waves on the surface of the glass, the vehicle will have a cleaner windshield automatically and continuously. Such a technology could defog and defrost the windshields of cars, and could help to remove ice and condensation, thus improving visibility.

Windshields with Augmented Reality and Panoramic Glass

The concept behind the panoramic glass is combining a windshield with the sunroof to create a cockpit for Tesla drivers and smart car drivers. A panoramic windshield is considered to be the largest full-glass windshield available today, covering an area of 31 square feet.Technologies like augmented reality, automated emergency brake systems, auto-dimming, rain sensors, and a number of other advances have been integrated into car glass technology. The way you drive a vehicle, and the experiences you have within it, are changing quickly as a result of advances in glass technology.When we are talking about smart tech on the windshield, it is not all about Google directions for the nearest restaurant (although it might), there are a lot of advanced security features that might be included too, and as PCMag points out, the windows may be getting smarter upgrades in the future, if Toyota has anything to do with it. While smart technologies in windshields are presently going to mean higher sticker prices for windshields, the costs are going to come down drastically as this technology becomes more widespread. Things like damaged bumpers or cracked windshields are costing drivers more money than ever, and itas all due to the cutting-edge technologies driving those features.

Future of Windshield Replacement

While there are sensors everywhere in a vehicle driving the increased cost of repairs, the rising costs of replacing a windshield are particularly striking (and painful) to most drivers. In addition to increased costs due to required calibration costs, automakers are increasingly requiring (or at least strongly encouraging) drivers to replace windshields with OEM glass.

As cars get complicated, service shops often switch to aftermarket parts that are better in quality in order to cut costs, but Ford, Honda, and FCA have all recommended that you do not use aftermarket windshields. That is why Right Windshield Auto Glass promotes Made in America auto glass OEM windshields.

As technology changes, and the glass on your car becomes more and more important, you will want to be sure to find a reputable shop that will perform a windshield repair or replacement. If you need to replace the windshield because of a crash or damage, you are better off getting a different OEM part to ensure the new sensors are working the way they are supposed to.

If you need auto glass repair/replacement because of chipping or cracking, and you have the rain sensors in the vehicle, you can trust Right Windshield Auto Glass to replace your windshield the right way.