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Windshield Replacement is Getting Expensive?

Depending on your deductible and the cost of your replacement windshield, you could wind up paying the full cost for the replacement. Without a warranty, if and when the installation of your glass is problematic, you will have to pay for the replacement of the windshield. You also will have to take into account the policy of your insurance company when thinking about replacing the windshield. While the cost of a new windshield will vary among different vehicle models and providers, there are some clear factors that will impact your costs. The company that you choose to have your windshield repaired will dictate both cost and the level of service that you receive. Paying the $20 extra to have the windshield repaired goes toward the life-time guarantee, which could eventually prove beneficial.

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New Windshield Technology

The concept behind the panoramic glass is combining a windshield with the sunroof to create a cockpit for Tesla drivers. and smart car drivers. A panoramic windshield is considered to be the largest full-glass windshield available today, covering an area of 31 square feet. Technologies like augmented reality, automated emergency brake systems, auto-dimming, rain sensors, and a number of other advances have been integrated into car glass technology. The way you drive a vehicle, and the experiences you have within it, are changing quickly as a result of advances in glass technology.

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Tips to Avoid Highway Accidents by Flying Debris

Debris smashing through a windshield and killing the driver is more coming than you may think. Learn pro active tips to help ensure your vehicle is in the best shape it can be when driving down the highway. According to new research by AAAs Traffic Safety Foundation, debris on roads played a role in over 200,000 crashes reported to police between 2011 and 2014, killing over 500 and injuring 39,000 others. We are in the year 2022 going in to 2023. These are big numbers, and we can do better at helping limit highway accidents and deaths by debris. We can not stop all highway deaths or accidents by debris – but we can start a conversation about this serious issue and install strong high quality auto glass and windshields that are Made in America.

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Sono Motors EV Revolution – Is It All Hype?

Will Americans buy into the Electronic Vehicle Revolution? The company did not give any indication as to how many Sions will be delivered in the coming year. The only measure it shared was that it expected to produce 43,000 Sions a year, out of production capacities of 257,000 for a period of seven years, according to a company spokeswoman. Even the best-funded electric vehicle startups, though, have had difficulty getting into production lately. Battery-electric penetration in the United States may have peaked by June, maybe at 10% of new vehicle sales, according to the latest reports from carmakers. That is an increase over the past few months, but it is still lower than in other parts of the world, and it is still early-adopter. Battery-electric car penetration among US households is about 2 percent today, on balance.

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How To Spot an Arizona Auto Glass Scam

Beware of people who falsely advertise $150-$400 cash rebate to replace your windshield. Many of these auto glass companies are submitting high priced claims to insurance companies. While the windshield replacement technician gets tons of money by committing insurance fraud, the insurers gets stuck with higher premiums and could possibly land both the windshield scammer and insurer in jail.

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Warning to Arizona Auto Glass Industry Fraudsters

In 2015, the Arizona Department of Insurance Fraud Unit in a sting operation arrested owner Donald Parra of “Precision 1 Auto Glass”. Mr. Parra was booked on several felony charges which include Identity Theft and Insurance Fraud. Mr. Parra was making fake insurance claims using different identities. Precision 1 Auto Glass was making false claims, acting as insured clients. Right Windshield Auto Glass is proud of the men and women in uniform doing their job. This should be a warning to unethical auto glass operators and technicians who submit fraudulent insurance claims. If you have a chip or cracked windshield and are being pressured to replace your windshield when the auto glass is salvageable – you are dealing with the wrong technician.

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