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Highway Accidents Caused by Debris is a Serious Issue

It is more important than ever to realize the type of glass you are installing in your vehicle. Right Windshield Auto Glass believes in protecting the community.

Driving down an interstate is already risky. Driving down a highway in the fast lane going 75-mph comes with even more risks, but they are made more dangerous when flying debris from another car crashes through your windshield.

A motorist on the roadway wants to swerve away from the debris. If possible, obviously the driver wants to stay clear of debris.

  • If you are driving over 45-mph and you swerve you can cause further damage to your car, losing control, and/or cause an accident.
  • You could be charged with a crime if you swerve away from debris and hit a motorist.
  • The motorist is not responsible if the car kicked up debris left on the roadway. For example, if a vehicle in front of you kicks up a rock and it smashes into your windshield – the motorist in front of you is not responsible. If you have a cracked or broken windshield just call us 623-533-0286 or schedule an appointment online and we can get you a new windshield with or without insurance – we have you covered!
  • If there is evidence of negligence, the driver of the vehicle that debris flew from will be responsible for any injuries or damages caused by your car and any others involved in the incident.
  • More than likely (unless there is evidence) you will not be considered at fault if another vehicle steering away from the debris, and they hit you. The drivers would be at fault.

Warning of Article Content Below

The following accidents are taken from real life tragic incidents. The content is being used to emphasize the message in this article while offering proactive tips.

Accident #1
An Alaskan man vacationing in New England was killed Friday when a large metal object suddenly broke through the windshield of his rental car, police said. Massachusetts state police said a piece of metal came from a dump truck and the vehicle was driven by Thomas Arrington, 69, of Palmer, Alaska, outside an off-ramp on Route 114 about 9 a.m. Friday.

Proactive Tips

  • The system of driving in the UK is completely different than the US. We drive on the right side of the road. They drive on the left. Be aware of their laws and learn their driving system.
  • Keep the 3-second rule while trailing any vehicle but keep extra distance (5-seconds) for dump trucks, diesels, oversized vehicles.
  • As we get older in age, we must take extra precautions. This is because as we age our response time is not as fast.
  • Accident #2
    A 27-year-old man is dead after debris flew through his vehicle’s windshield in an accident late Saturday on Interstate 840 late Saturday. A 24-year-old motorist was driving his car when the light-colored pickup truck or SUV ahead of him ran into the metal debris, sending it flying in the air, according to investigators with the California Highway Patrol.

    Proactive Tips

  • New drivers and single adults are statistically known to take more risks (why not, they are young and vibrant!). There is also a plethora of tech that can distract young vibrant drivers. Remember to keep the 3-5 second rule (depending on how large the vehicle and if they are giving off debris).
  • Keep your distance in between drivers and avoid congestion and changing lanes.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Avoid Highway Accidents

    • Tires check the tread of our vehicle and make sure it is full of air. Tires that need to be inflated can puncture easily and throw your vehicle in a tail-spin.
    • Brakes and Steering This includes any trailer-brake connections. If your brakes are squeaking, then its time to replace them.
    • Windshield Wipers these things can fly off your vehicle like tread on a tire if they are worn out.
    • Rims If you have any clip-on rims, be sure to make sure they are connected. Many of the clip on rims are plastic and break easily.
    According to new research by AAAs Traffic Safety Foundation, debris on roads played a role in over 200,000 crashes reported to police between 2011 and 2014, killing over 500 and injuring 39,000 others. We are in the year 2022 going in to 2023. These are big numbers, and we can do better at helping limit highway accidents and deaths by debris.

    We can not stop all highway deaths or accidents by debris – but we can start a conversation about this serious issue and install strong high quality auto glass and windshields that are Made in America – and that starts by calling RW Auto Glass at 623-533-0286 or schedule an appointment online.