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Windshield Replacement

What does OEM mean?

RW Auto Glass only uses OEM auto glass – OEM means “Original Equipment Manufacturer”.

For example, when Ford made the 2017 focus model they would use a subcontractor to manufacture the windshield. The specific windshield installed on the 2017 Ford Focus has a part number and that part number tells the operator who the OEM is.

When someone calls us at 623-533-0286 or 602-541-0540 or submits an online quote RW Auto Glass learns what the make, model and year the vehicle is. After, we find out the part number used for the windshield when the vehicle was manufactured and trace it back to the OEM and this is the auto glass we install on your vehicle.

How are windshields made?

A few thousand years ago Egyptians used glass as a by-product of volcanic activity. Over the years, it has been used for vessels, optics, etc… etc..

Sand is heated with other chemicals and that is how we produce glass in modern times. Thin layers of this glass are treated with heat to mold the windshield and then frozen with jets of cold air in order to harden the material.

Then a thing piece of hard plastic, or lamination, is pressed in between two pieces of glass and then tinted with an ultraviolet light or filter.

Plastic moldings are then added to the windshield and this is then installed into the metal frame of the vehicle.

RW Auto Glass is Arizona’s Premier Auto Glass Company

RW Auto Glass serves San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, Casa Grande and surrounding Phoenix Metropolitan areas. We have an agreement with insurance companies based on those locations. That is why we are preferred affiliate for major insurance companies, Safelite auto glass and Lynx services – because we are ethical and honest.

Don’t get cheap glass and call RW Auto Glass at 602-533-0286 or 602-541-0540. We are the premier auto glass company of Arizona.