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Vehicle Window TintingRW Auto Glass wants the best for car owners in and around the Queen Creek, Casa Grande and San Tan Area.

That’s why we can’t emphasize enough the benefits of having your car windows tinted. Is your car a classic or straight off the assembly line? Window tinting is greatly beneficial to both. See some of the benefits below:

Stylish & Professional.

Whether you are a limousine driver or car owner, window tinting takes your car to the next level. It is decorative, stylish and in. Tinting gives your car that “finished” new look that allows you car shine even when it hasn’t been washed.


Lets face it – Arizona is a HOT place in the summer. No matter where the sun is shining in your car, tinting can make the interior up to 60% cooler in the summertime. Tinting also helps to cut down on glare, which allows for less eye strain and head aches.

Cost Efficient.

Window tinting lessons the use of the air conditioning which saves Arizona car owners bundles on gas expenses annually. Eight out of 12 months of the year Queen Creek weather is warm and sunny. Tinting can make a vehicle up to 60% cooler then cars without window film, thereby increasing the car’s gas mileage.


People can’t steal what they can’t see. Tinting helps discourage people from looking into your car thereby preventing a break-in. If the car is broken into the film will help slow the car thief down or even ward them off altogether.

If an accident happens, the adhesion of the car glass significantly lessens the probability for bodily harm.


Window film allows passengers to look out while preventing uninvited eyes to look in. This is ideal for couple outings or even for the average “Joe” who values his privacy.

Protection from Sun.

Ultraviolet (UV) light is the number one destroyer for car seats and upholstery in Arizona. It damages paint, leather, skin and fabric. Adding window film to your car windows can block up to 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

RW AUTO GLASS provides for all of San Tan Valley, Queen Creek & Casa Grande CAR WINDOW TINTING needs.

Call 623-533-0286 or 602-541-0540 and learn why we are the best auto glass company in Arizona! With over 15-years experience and a 100% customer satisfaction or 100% money back guaranteed, you can be rest assured your car is in good hands.