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With New Smart Windshield Tech - Thing's are Getting Crazy

If you thought that a replacement windshield could be installed for $200 or $300 with your car sitting on the driveway, think again. RW Auto Glass will always find you the lowest cost possible and sometimes we can do the job for $300.

However, the cost to replace your windshield will vary depending on your cars make, model, and year – and the installation process is usually the same. The cost to replace a windshield can be higher than the cost of repairing it, but the correct installation is essential for ensuring your car meets the drivers safety standards. The price for windshield repair is dependent on your particular car and the types of damage that your glass has sustained, all of which will affect your windshield replacement costs.

Generally, the cost to have glass repaired or replaced on your windshield should have little effect on your auto insurance rates. The cost to replace your windshield is determined not only by what kind of car glass company you have hired for the job, but by the location where you repaired your vehicle. Another factor that may influence the price you pay for auto glass replacement is what features the windshield has, or what features your vehicle has that are connected to the windshield.

The type of glass used in your car could impact the replacement cost between 40-60%, which is why choosing the right glass is important. It typically costs more to replace if this is the type of glass required for your car.

Sensors based in your windshield can add more cost to your replacement, as your glass will need to be adjusted for that functionality. Some windshields also feature a specific tint to fit the digital displays, which can increase your replacement cost as well.

Depending on your deductible and the cost of your replacement windshield, you could wind up paying the full cost for the replacement. Without a warranty, if and when the installation of your glass is problematic, you will have to pay for the replacement of the windshield. You also will have to take into account the policy of your insurance company when thinking about replacing the windshield.

While the cost of a new windshield will vary among different vehicle models and providers, there are some clear factors that will impact your costs. The company that you choose to have your windshield repaired will dictate both cost and the level of service that you receive. Paying the $20 extra to have the windshield repaired goes toward the life-time guarantee, which could eventually prove beneficial.

Windshield repair kits are $7-$20 and will be able to cover chip sizes smaller than a quarter. Older models that do not have a windshield sensor or specialized windshield wipers typically run $250 to $400 on average, while fixing a chip on your own may run $60 to $100. At the higher end, a luxury cars windshield may cost $1,000 to more than $4,500 to replace. Even replacing the windshield on a head-up-display vehicle without a driver-assistance system and rain-sensing wipers could easily run more than $1,500.
If your car is equipped with rain sensing wipers and advanced driver-assistance systems like Automatic Braking and adaptive cruise control, expect to spend $2,000 or perhaps even more on a replacement windshield, recalibration of safety features, and the obligatory push-pull wheel alignment (which makes sure your drivers wheels are properly aligned with your non-drivers wheels). Vehicles equipped with ADAS and rain sensing wipers need a lot more work than popping off your cracked windshield and installing a replacement. Sensors in the glass, like the rain sensors, and wipers from various makes and models also factor into repair costs. Luxury vehicles such as Lexus and Mercedes-Benz need special windshields, which add to the repair costs.

Also, the Mercedes Benz-specific windshields cost much more than average. While costs will vary depending on the car brand and model, research conducted by AAA across 16 US cities found that the replacement windshield of a Honda Accord costs $250-300, and that a BMW X6 costs $350-450. An OEM windshield can cost up to 40% more than aftermarket, so ask the car glass shop which glass is installed if they are offering a lower price than the others.

You may find an aftermarket windshield at a lower cost (about $100 cheaper) that takes slightly less time to repair, but using a lower-grade material could be a recipe for your windshield coming off in a collision. Windshield cracks may appear easier with non-OEM glass. Of course, poor installation from a less-than-reliable repair shop could lead to the windshield coming off of your vehicle should you be involved in a crash. A bad or incorrect installation done by any old repair shop could cause your windshield to detach from the vehicle in an accident, rendering your airbags useless.

While it is possible to fix small chips, larger cracks will render the windshield less stable, making replacing your windshield sooner rather than later necessary. In general, you should replace your cracked windshield following a collision, or any time that it is interfering with your sightline. When your windshield is cracked, chipped, or broken, you must have it repaired or replaced in order to maintain your vehicles safety. First, consider carefully if your windshield damage is one that needs to be repaired or replaced immediately.

Windshield repair or replacement typically takes less than one hour, and can be done at your driveway or in any public location. RW Auto Glass always promotes and recommends Made in America Auto Glass that is OEM. Fortunately, unlike many types of auto repairs, repairing or replacing your windshield is a fairly quick process.

If the windshield on your car, van, or SUV has sustained any sort of damage, then you should not make any delays getting the windshield on your vehicle repaired or replaced entirely. The minute you notice some kind of damage to the windshield, like that caused by the recent hailstorm, you should schedule an appointment at your local body shop to get your glass replaced, or at least repaired.

It is important for the body shop or glass company to have your vehicles year, make, model, and vehicle identification number, so the proper replacement windshield can be installed. Check with your dealership and with the aftermarket car glass companies to determine what type of replacement windshield is required, if it needs to be engineered with HUD, ADAS, and rain-sensing wipers, or if a basic windshield is enough.